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TGIF- 27/02/15

TGIFAlexandra kingComment

Happy Friday! What are you doing this weekend, THE LAST ONE IN FEBRUARY! HOORAY! I'm having a few girlfriends over for take out and movies tomorrow night as it's damn too cold to go out and we're all too damn broke. I'm thinking pizza, prosecco and furtive cigs on the stoop. Then on Sunday, Isaac and I are heading to check out the 2015 Triennial at The New Museum. And while we're back in our old neighbourhood, there's no way I won't be insisting on lunch at Blackseed Bagels. Yum. Have the most beautiful weekend one and all. See you in March!

Here's my best of the net this week.

I'm obsessed with Mimi Thorisson's stunning blog, Manger, documenting her family's life in the French Countryside. I just ordered her book, too.

Thanks to Gucci for inspiring me to wear a red beret as we edge into Spring.

This incredible moisturiser/skin protector that I picked up randomly at the Health Food shop the other day is the best thing ever. It's meant for babies but i can confirm that it also works on grown-ass ladies. Smells herbal, sinks in fast, actually works. Highly recommend.

Gorge ballet flats

Beginning with H and O: Font Men, fascinating and wonderful.

Tres chic mid-century inspired coffee mugs. And only 16 bucks for four!!!

The perfect gift for the transatlantic babe or long-distance love. 

How chic would one of these look on your work desk?

Naughty rugs

I wish I was still a Londoner so I could do this this year.

No more messy wires or expensive electronics placed precariously on ledges. One of those smart pieces of design that's just a total game changer.

The arrangements from NYC florists Putnam & Putnam are just insanely gorgeous