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Calming Winter Skin: Biafine

Fashion & Beauty, New York CityAlexandra king3 Comments

Recently my wonderful friend Saskya returned from a reporting trip to Paris bearing the most timely of gifts- a squeaky fresh tube of my favorite French pharmacy classic, Biafine.

Biafine is one of those cult products that every Frenchy has in their medicine cabinet. And unlike Embryolisse or Bioderma Crealine, which seem to be on the record as every super model's French pharmacy addiction, for some reason Biafine doesn't get the same kind of love.

I first got hooked after getting too much sun as a careless teenager in the south of France when I was 14. I had wondered into a Pharmacie, pink and prickly, and the grumpy French lady behind the desk took one withering look at me before handing over a chic green tube of Biafine (did I mention the packaging is pretty too? Take note, Hawaiian Tropic). A twice daily covering cured my burn, seemingly miraculously, in just a couple of days. Since then I've tried to stockpile it whenever I can.

As well as for sunburn, household burns, or cuts you can use it as lip balm, and if I ever get a nasty pimple, I swear dabbing on some Biafine takes down the redness and helps to prevent scarring. It's also a god send in the winter for scaly dry noses or hands. Sometimes I cover my face in it and just let it sink in over time, like a mask. It's non-toxic, water-based and has a clean plant-like smell which I love.

It's not available to buy in the US, but you can order it from France here. I know 40 bucks with shipping is pretty steep, but a tube lasts a really long time (in my case, and I use a lot, about a year). I highly recommend you have some in your bathroom arsenal.

I'm curious. Have you tried Biafine? What's your "must have" product from another country?

biafine in the bathroom