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TGIF- 20/02/15

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What are you up to this weekend? We're more than halfway through February, guys! There's  been something in the air these last weeks, don't you think? Everyone I know seems to be a little depressed or in the middle of some kind of crisis, and all my February days seems to have merged into one indistinguishable blur (bringing to mind this poem, and all the Larkin-esque gloom that comes with it). Tonight my darling husband and I are heading to see this play at The Kitchen in Chelsea. Then the rest of the weekend I'm looking forward to some old fashioned straight chillin'. Hopefully not literally, though I'm planning on whipping up a few of these to help me out on that front.

Have a beautiful one, one and all. See below for my best of the net this week.

Yours for just 1900 dollars a month....Oh NYC. Still, at least you'd walk straight out the shower to your coffee.

Who knew a crop top could be so chic?

Saturday vibes

The most amazing apartment make over

Uni Qlo men's sweaters. So much better than the girls ones- loose and warm, with good long sleeves. I just buy them in XS and they fit like a dream. (pssst I'm wearing one here)

My kind of dress. Just add lipstick.

Me , painted back when it was warm, by the amazing Caris Reid.

Perfectly simple lighting


Love online shop Westerlind for outdoor luxe. Almost makes me want to go camping. Almost.

Re-read this on the subway this week and was once again amazed by its brilliance.

This song. Because I don't care what you say, it's irresistible and on repeat (sorry Isaac).

I have this thing with floors