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Christmas Gift Guide 2015: For Your Artistic, Sports Obsessed, Hotty Of A Husband

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Hartwood Cookbook

Hartwood Cookbook, $28, to remind you of the amazing food you had on your honeymoon.


Microwave Heat Pack, $38.95, to ease aching shoulders after carrying around giant paintings all day.

Benton's bacon , $30, (for four one pound packs) because it's hand smoked in Tennessee and legendarily good.

Leather House Shoes, $120, that are made by hand, modelled on a Civil War-era design and mould over time to the exact shape of his feet.

Tom Dixon glass and copper tank decanter, $145, because its next-level, future-heirloom beautiful


Tickets to a sports game, in this case, Dallas Mavericks vs Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Centre (there's a Shake Shack on site. YES) $50

wine gums tub

A giant tub of Wine Gums, $15.99, because you got him hooked on UK "candy" (sweets)

Burroughs Beard Oil , $28, which has an incredible woodsy, leathery smell. Hubba.

Boxing gloves TSWIL

Boxing Gloves, $99.99 for day-off fights with the training bags

Leatherman Multi Tool, $82.99, because, though terrifying looking, this is the kind of stuff that brings him joy