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Alexandra King-Lyles, TSWIL

TGIF! What are your plans for the weekend? On Saturday I'll be minding the shop at the gallery while Isaac is in Miami for all the art fairs. So come by, if you'd like, and say hi! I'd love to see you. This week, Isaac dutifully lugged an eight foot Christmas tree down 7th Avenue, uprooted one cold night from her home in a Vermont field and now standing, a touch confused but very much resplendent, in our living room. I'm awfully sentimental about Christmas trees, still remembering, as I do, the cosiness of being very little and lying on the rug, watching the twinkling fairy lights and breathing in the warm smell of balsam fir. Just add a hot toddy to the mix and that's still pretty much this big girl's plan for the weekend. Have a lovely one, all. My usual link list below.

A breathtaking gallery of Edward Curtis's photographs of Native American tribes

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Hey girl, giving good fishtail

A gorgeous real-talk interview with JK Rowling and Lauren Laverne


Sadly there are no teenage girls currently in my life, but if there were, they'd be getting one of these for Christmas


At last! The perfect deep sea blue

What a beautiful DIY! Wouldn't a set of these these make such a pretty (and inexpensive) gift? 

Behold, the pink sofa of my dreams in this Soho studio

This week I treated myself to this volumizing dry shampoo- I can confirm that it's as good as everyone says it is...