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Photo via  Museum Mammy

Photo via Museum Mammy

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers. We had a beautifully quiet day yesterday, with a simple dinner for four, lots of wine, pie (from here. THE BEST), mashed potatoes and an extra helping of good good vibes. I also had a great deal of fun providing a running commentary of the almost maniacally joyful Thanksgiving parade on TV (marionettes! Marching bands! Mariah Carey!) . I've come to love the decidedly un-English celebration that is Thanksgiving. It's such a beautiful holiday, devoid of any of the expense/anxiety of gift giving, with the simple joy that is eating a good dinner with the ones you love as its central tenet, and I simply can't find fault with that. This year, I'm thankful for so much- our fledgling business, my sweet husband and my inspiring, hilarious, gorgeous girl-team. I'm also so thankful that I found this little space on the internet to build upon. So I raise my glass to you, dear readers. Thank you for your support, I'm grateful. 

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