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TSWIL Alexandra King-Lyles

TGIF! On this weekend's schedule so far? Celebrating our dear friend's birthday here, taking a slow jog around here and ambling around The Whitney (this sounds interesting-lord knows I can only take Moby Dick one small dose at a time). It's finally getting cold in NYC after a warm start to Fall, and in Park Slope, as I walk to the subway each morning, I'm getting whiffs of the autumnal smells of my childhood- mulch and damp and the faint scent of an open fire somewhere. "Autumns seem that season of beginning"said Truman Capote. Though we edge Winter-dark towards to the end of 2015, a year that has been both, in turn, ecstatic and an ordeal for me, I'm inclined to point my eyes gently to Brooklyn's bronze-hued horizon and agree with him. Let's all shuffle in new starts through our own paths of leaves this November weekend. I'll see you on the other side. My best of the net below.

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Helen Levi makes the most beautiful ceramics in the world. Want 'em all!

Not since, um, ever, have I read a nature writer more  marvelous than Helen Macdonald. As soon as I see her byline I find a warm corner and immeditaly make plans to check out from the world. Her latest, here.

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