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A Love Corner

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Photo by Katja Hentschel

Photo by Katja Hentschel

A few months back I was at the beautiful Williamsburg apartment of my friend Caris, interviewing her, over tea, for her The Street Where You Live feature. You can see the photos and interview from the shoot here, if you haven't already. But there was something that didn't make it into the piece. In the course of photographing and talking about all the stylish and thoughtful details that made up C's home, walking through her kitchen, I was struck by the way she had hung a sweet photo booth strip of her and husband over the lip of a canister of wooden spoons. It thought it was such a cute and unexpected detail. When I asked her about it, she explained it was more than just styling- she'd put the photo there, she said, because it was the apartment's "love corner".

Yes, according to feng shui, the Chinese principle that argues that certain organization principles can benefit one's life, the South West corner of your home contains mega-watt levels of love energy. Though this, without doubt, sounds a little hippy hippy shake, bear with me. The basics of feng shui principles (in short- light, de cluttered environments, spaces that harmonize) have always been ones I'm drawn to, for practical reasons, and are certainly good guidelines for the small apartment dweller. Fast forward to me, Iphone compass in hand, Park Slope's useless answer to Captain bloody Cook, ascertaining that my love corner was in fact (conveniently) where my fridge was. Quelle surprise, said no one- nom nom nom. Though I had vowed when Isaac and I first moved in, to leave the fridge, a common attractor of clutter, white and clean and magnet free, I instantly felt the need to gild my love corner appropriately, as in the photo above. And I must say, it makes me feel happy everytime I see it.

So go find your love corner, darling readers, and deck it out appropriately (and send me pics!). For some basics about feng shui principles, this article breaks it down a little.