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falling water, TSWIL

TGIF girls and boys! Exciting times for me this weekend because I'm finally visiting the iconic Frank Llloyd Wright house, Falling Water. I'm driving the six hours from NYC to Pittsburgh with my fellow design-fan dad and taking the tour Sunday morning. I'm excited to get out of the city and hopefully see some beautiful fall foliage along the way as my nerd heart beats ever faster in anticipation. I'll report back with photos next week. Have a lovely one. My weekly round up below.

What is an ideal childhood?

Love these beautiful ceramics from Mazama

An amazing, Celia Birtwell-esque dress (I'd wear this to a Winter wedding or a dressy dinner party)

Bianca Jagger arriving at her 30th birthday party. I've still got 9 months to go but serious inspo.

Good advice. Thanks lovely Erin!

New solid perfumes from my perennial-fave Juniper Ridge. I love the Mojave scent, which takes me back to visiting Joshua Tree and the amazing smells of the desert.

A song for your Sunday

The Geography of Poverty (I'm gaga for these incredible photos)

The Lonely Death of George Bell

What a beautiful wedding photo

I've always thought Zara kills it when it comes to shoes, but this season they're blowing my small mind. Love these, these and these!

Cool T-Shirt