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Photo by Katja Hentschel

Photo by Katja Hentschel

TGIF! The shot above is from a recent home shoot I did with lovely German magazine, Blonde. Hitting newstands (in Berlin, doh) and the old inter-web soon. I'll be sure to share pics when it does. In the meantime it couldn't be a lovelier Friday in Brooklyn. Sunny, crisp and autumnal, begging for thick black tights, floral scarves and your favourite winter dress that you haven't worn for a year (familiar territory for this Brit, who, by genes alone, is naturally at her prettiest while wearing a wooly jumper and standing under an umbrella). This weekend I'm celebrating a dear friend's birthday, eating under fairylights here and, inspired by this wonderful New Yorker article, powering through my re-read of this strange and wonderful book ("I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately"). What are you up to? Huge love, darling readers. Have a great one. My best of the net below.

I'm gaga for these Ukrainian dresses by (frighteningly pricy) Vita Kin. Yo Zara, wanna do your own version?

Totally entering this contest! Scary!

Dunston Hot Springs equals my new fantasy vacation destination

This skin salve is on my wish list for winter- I've heard amazing things

I know I'm late to the party on this but my god, THIS BOOK

Such a functional and stylish key ring 

Seriously splurgey but most lovely crescent moon classic hoops.

A beautiful Parisian apartment 

Coveting a winter blanket for my bed. Crushing hard on this one

Obsessed with this 16 tiny-years-old acoustic fairy child 

Sigourney Weaver's yearbook quote. Preach.  (hey, nice middle name, sista)

I'm dangerously addicted to these