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TGIF- 06/02/15

TGIFAlexandra king4 Comments
pink orange

What are your plans this weekend? I'm going to a girls-only dinner party tonight, and we're hosting a taco party at our place on Sunday night! I also really want to catch a screening of The Theory of Everything, which I have yet to see. Have you watched it? Apparently Eddie Redmayne is amazing as Stephen Hawking. Have a beautiful one, friends, See below for my best of the net this week.

Like the image above? More like it on my racy Pinterest Board, Fecund

So refreshing to see pretty bikinis on beautiful models like this

So tempted

A true heirloom in the making

Super slick and functional. Tick.

Virunga has my vote for the Best Documentary Oscar. Stunning, and close to my heart. And free to watch on Netflix! You must.

I live in these ear rings

Now you all know about my boiled egg habit, I'm looking to up my egg cup game

You know, talking about eggs and fathers (a strange coupling, but seemingly a theme) reminded me of this beautiful Modern Love piece by Simon Van Booy.

Heart stopping barnacle goslings (I felt like this a bit this week)

I loved this Patricia Arquette interview. What a bad ass

Speaking of bad asses, here's some spoken word erotic fiction (ooh la la) a story called "Chimera" written by my clever friend, Octavia.

See you on the other side! That side being Monday.