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TGIF- 30/01/15

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What are your plans for the weekend? Tonight I'm having a long lost school friend from England over for dinner. He's promised to give me all the gossip from the ten year reunion, and, presumably, give me lots of shit for the various Americanisms that have slipped into my general vernacular (the other day I asked for a TOMAYTO without irony or resentment. I'm going native). On Sunday I'm helping my friend try on wedding dresses before heading to a super bowl party in Williamsburg in the afternoon (Isaac is making his famous nachos, which are monstrously delicious... I'll feature them on the blog in the next few days).

Have a beautiful weekend darlings, and check out my best of the web this week.

Why you need to be taking this supplement

Goop is actually becoming a parody of itself. Can we talk about Gwynnies casual mugwort vagina misting? (quelle horreur).

Having said that, I'm so down with Shailene Woodley's vagina routine

I'm saving up for these beauties. Wouldn't they look so hot with a chignon, t shirt and jeans?

"Life is sometimes sad and often dull, but there are currants in the cake, and here is one of them." I could read Nancy Mitford all day

What are you doing running in the snow? Still cracking me up

My bestie recently returned from a reporting trip to Paris, and brought me a new stash of my beloved french pharmacy staple, Biafine. More on this in a post next week, but I'll be slathering this magical concoction all over my itchy dry face this weekend. 

Another besties birthday is tomorrow. I sent her some cute flowers using this service. As far as I know only still available in London, but such a good idea, non? Come on NYC.

I'm excited to read this new book

And I just finished re-reading this classic old one

Things are looking up. Ella says so.