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Five Little Things: Snow Day Survival

Five Little ThingsAlexandra kingComment

On snow day, we resigned ourselves to a day indoors, and nested accordingly. Book collections were arranged, left over boxes from our move sorted through, under bed storage maximised and cocktails poured by 3pm. All in all, a day well spent. Here are five little things that made our snow day that bit more sublime.

1) This may sound  bizarre when it's polar bear weather out there, but staying in all day= stuffy. Crack those windows and let that good fresh air in.

bedroom windows crack

It's good for you. And scientists say a cool room makes for not only a better nights sleep, but could also even boost your metabolism and increase your energy levelsPass the bed socks. Also, as a couple of you have asked, the bed side lamps are bargain finds from Ikea. Still available here

2) Light a scented candle that reminds you of warm places

And warm memories

3) If you can, locate one or two small cuddly creatures to smooch/spoon with

Especially when they are as pleasingly monochrome as these two.

4) Make yourself and your beloved a classic winter warmer of a cocktail.

Manhattans at 3pm? On snow day, anything goes. I used this simple recipe. Three cheers for the world's greatest corner shop for casually stocking maraschino cherries .

5) Take a long bath bath. As hot as you can handle, with epsom salts and something good and herbal for soap.


My current favourites for the bath here and here. And for a real home-spa experience, this, though horribly expensive and to be strictly rationed out for emergencies only, smells like a walk through a wet spring garden and, as such, never fails to please. I'm also itching to try these, which sound perfect for those tough winter mornings.