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A Last Minute Valentine's Gift Guide

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Valentine's Day is mere days away friends! And before you protest, yes, I do support it, regardless of its Hallmark-ification- I'm all for a day that actively encourages romantic gestures. Having said that, it's important to wade wearily through the sea of sad factory farmed red roses and over-booked restaurants, polka-dotted, depressingly, by tables for two. I like an off-beat Valentine's; drinks somewhere cool, an in-joke or thoughtful gesture of a gift, and crucially, MOST CRUCIALLY, a card with a few carefully chosen words of devotion. Having said that, full disclosure, last year was an unmitigated disaster for me and Isaac. In February 2014 we were in the middle of the most stressful nitty gritty bits of wedding planning, where suddenly minutiae that wouldn't cause a goose bump in regular life becomes a conversation of Frost:Nixon gravitas. Anyway, we had a giant fight about the wedding guest list in the taxi on the way to our date. We yelled at each other for 20 blocks, then I flounced off down 2nd Avenue before we'd even clinked a cocktail.

Needless to say, as hilarious as that story now is, we're hoping to do better this year. 

Those pesky boys (and girls) can be so tough to buy for, so I've put together a few suggestions below.

Everelane twill weekender bag

1) A chic yet manly and practical carry on bag for business trips/weekends away, from one of my fave stores on the planet.


monogram socks

2) Monogrammed socks so that you don't keep stealing each others. Good lord does the King-Lyles household ever need these...

dallas texas vintage map

3) A framed vintage map of their hometown. Vintage map found at this cool Etsy store

black bird soap

4) May 18th soap from rad Seattle shop, Blackbird. It's unisex, made from Oregon peppermint, Washington geranium, Portland rose and Pacific Northwest cedarwood (swoon swoon) and it's called May 18th because it commemorates the eruption of the Mount of St Helens. A perfect gift to celebrate a love of similarly epic proportions.



5) A box of bbq delivered your door. Date night for the win! And now on sale!


maraschino cherries

6) For a thrifty Valentine, a jar of homemade maraschino cherries for a Manhattan habit. Recipe here. (P.S. I would use one of these cute jars for extra wow. And wouldn't this make such a great dinner party gift?)

7) P.S. This. I mean it's for them, right?

Or, you know you could just grab a bottle of vino, watch a movie and make out. More than fine.

I'm curious, what are you doing for Valentine's Day this year? Any unusual or inspired gifts I should know about?