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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving! I'll be working tomorrow as the parade rumbles past (no rest for the journalistic wicked) but will be heading out by 5 to eat a giant dinner with my usual ragtag crew of Brits abroad and other waifs and strays. Though of course TG isn't a holiday I grew up with, I nonetheless embrace it's central pillars of food, friends and overall hygge-ness, and lord knows we all need a daily dose of gratitude. Also Isaac has been tasked with the turkey, so pray for us, bbs. I'm wishing you all a beautiful day. My weekly round up below.

Norwegian sex education is pretty amazing. Also, needless to say, this link is NOT work safe.


Woman live tweets the worst date ever

Doen does it again

It's cold season, dudes. This works.

A classic, on repeat (brought back into my life by this amazing movie

What a pretty shade of pink

Isaac and I gifted ourselves a few days in New Orleans over Christmas. We'll be staying at this newly-revamped classic (the dining room, you guys!) and cannot wait!

A sweet lioness speaks for us all in recent weeks

Beautiful cushions (strictly to gaze at or to save for a very good payday) 

A stunning home

Oh HI perfect Shearling jacket

Koons in Paris


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Here's to a restorative weekend, friends. It's been a brutal election season, and a long week. In a nod to those who are feeling the blues, and let me tell you that New York City, in the past few days, has felt positively funereal, this week's TGIF is dedicated to the fine art of self-care. 

"Endless love. See you down the road." From Leonard, to Marianne. 

A song from Father John Misty (on repeat in these parts)  

Stars, Birds, Babes, Sages

Long baths with this eternal favourite

The Thing Is, by Ellen Bas

The softest (and strangely rather chic, I'm obsessed) joggers 

Michael Stipe on Here's The Thing (I just loved what he says here about loathing sentimentality, while being incredibly sentimental himself. I feel the struggle)

Cocktails=advisable. And this retro classic is totally acceptable as the cold nights draw in.


Because not all of us can have a fireplace but this still feels rather lovely, even on a TV









TGIF- 04/11/16

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TGIF! A slightly late TGIF (election season means very little sleep for me) falling on November 5th, otherwise unofficially known as my most homesick day of the year. Why? Bonfire Night of course, my fave UK tradition, a bizarre pagan relic of a celebration in which we symbolically burn an effigy of a 17th century terrorist, eat sausages, get sleepily trollied on mulled wine and attempt not to amputate our own fingers in the process of letting off the rockets. Fingerless gloves, sparklers to spell your name with, chill damp air that smells of mulch and the golden glow of firelight. Does it get more hygge than that? Still, transatlantic longing aside, I note the complimentary and very 21st century political drama this weekend in my adopted country, and await the fireworks. This week's best of the net below.

I bought these as a silly little present to myself a while ago. I can't stop wearing them (so cute and unexpected with a simple black dress) 

I woke up last weekend homesick for London and thinking about this painting, my fave at Tate Britain. 

I'm still spotting raw hem jeans everywhere. Into it. 

I've long-nurtured a huge insta-crush on LA photographer Jesse Chamberlain. The incredible Gucci dress she wore to her wedding has not helped alleviate my fan-girling.

I adore Lucy Michel's beautiful ceramics

My bestie came to New York and wrote about it for the Sunday Times. Check it out because she's brilliant but also for my withering response  to the party buffet.  

Darling address stamps for top stationary game (also, how cute is this egg box stamp, for any countryside dwellers/urban chicken enthusiasts) 

Whoah, these Danish recipes sound delicious

What a man.  A must-listen for divine music and the story of the incredible Billy Strayhorn

Ina and Jeffrey equal goals   

New favourite band alert

Coveting these perfect ankle boots

Girls And Their Cats

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Photo by BriAnne Wills

Photo by BriAnne Wills

Lois, Maxine and I are thrilled to be featured on the rad Instagram project Girls and their Cats this week! Head here for the full story on how I came to meet these two little weirdos, my signature morning look the "kitty bikini" and why these girls are so very wobbly.  Also make sure to scroll through the other photos for a whole host of sweet stories from cool women and their furry friends. In turn hilarious, moving and sweet, this amazing series, the brain/heart child of Brooklyn photographer BriAnne Wills, turns the "crazy cat lady" stereotype upside down, and highlights the special bond between a girl and her feline friend. The love is real, you guys.


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TGIF! I'm back, and so sorry for my absence, darling readers. In the last three months I turned 30, started a new job, worked hard behind the scenes for this art gallery of ours (we got our first New Yorker review last week!) and neglected this space in the process. When I say neglected, I mean more that I needed to let the blog sit fallow for a little while, as I came to terms with a brand new set of daily minutiae. But now I'm back, and hopefully my brief hiatus has made this space a little more fertile as a result, ready for some Fall-flowering bulbs of thoughts to raise their heavy heads in this oh-so-October sunlight. I've missed you. My best of the net this week below. 

P.S. #yaskween

I cannot wait to read this book.

Dream (though oh-so-spendy) PJs

2 sisters, 1 murder, 500 songs

Mum jeans I can get down with

These fabulous boys

And you can get your own version of their shirt here 

This isn't a new piece, but I think it's so good I'm putting it here again. How to talk yourself down from a Self Esteem Spiral

Music and magic (I used to take this train every day) 

Behold, the perfect jumper 

 67 curses of the open plan office (number 2 made me laugh out loud)

Dreamy earrings from a designer I adore

A classic treat to make for dessert on cold nights

The Truth About Bikini Shopping

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Illustration by brilliant Polly Crossman

Illustration by brilliant Polly Crossman

Somewhere under my regular body must be my bikini body, whisper the lesser angels of even the most normally body confident of women. We simply need to remove a cumbersome set outer casings, Russian doll style, until we find it.

TSWIL in other places alert! On the off chance that you're not subscribed to The Dolly Mail yet (YOU must!) head OVER THERE THIS MINUTE to read a piece from me about the horrors of bikini shopping. If only to hear me compare myself to a sausage (yep). 

And please oh please share any of your bikini woes in the comments section below? (as well as any hot tips on where to buy good ones). 








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waltz and burger

TGIF from a hot cheeseburger-munching Christopher Waltz staring moodily in your general direction. What are you up to this weekend? Tonight Isaac and I are having dinner with friends at one of my favorite restaurants in the city (seriously, this place is delicious).  Then tomorrow I'm planning on checking out the Manus x Machina show at the Met, followed by a stroll through Central Park. Perfection. Wishing you a beautiful one, friends. My usual roundup of favorites below.

A Cold Spring

13 Fucks You Stop Giving When You're A Grown Woman

Let's all run away for the summer to Villa Lena

What happens when you perform the Vagina Monologues in a male prison

Can't wait to see this

Beautiful illustrations by Brooklyn based illustrator Rose Wong

Camel tassles for your camel, obvs, or, in my case, for easy suitcase identification (the next best thing?)

Last week I treated myself to a new white silk shirt from Everlane, and, as ever, they are the best.

Centuries of peacocking in the city

I have not been able to stop thinking about this article

"I would say things like, “I’m sorry I was so grumpy this morning. I was really tired. I love you so much. We’re going to have a great day together.” I loved Joanna's advice to new mothers  

A truly beautiful and meaningful set of rings